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Ketamine Treatment – Commonly Asked Questions
  • Major Depressive disorder
  • Chronic Depression, e.g., when there are ongoing depressive symptoms over 2 years – Depression not responding to standard antidepressant treatments
  • Inability to take standard antidepressants due to side effects
  • PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Chronic Neuropathic Pain
  • Current manic or psychotic symptoms
  • Hx of psychotic episodes
  • Current serious substance abuse issues
  • Intent to get pregnant in the near future
  • Unstable epilepsy – frequent, severe seizures
  • Unstable heart conditions and severe unstable hypertension (patients with severe and unstable heart conditions must receive clearance from a cardiologist)
Side Effects
  • Short-term – lasting no more than a few hours: sedation, fatigue, limited concentration, nausea, dizziness, impaired coordination
  • Longer-term- lasting a few days: restlessness, insomnia, vivid dreams, feeling energized, increase in anxiety and mood fluctuations
  • Very short-term- lasting a few minutes: dream-like states of mind, feeling detached from one’s body, perceptual changes, imaging colorful shapes, intensification of sounds or lights, sensitivity to noises, feeling spiritual connections, feeling like melting away, slowed down breathing, elevation of blood pressure, dry mouth, feeling numb

Ketamine therapy is very dependent on the mindset and setting of the treatment. It is important that the setting is neither too casual (IV spas) nor overly medical.
On the casual side, it is important to note that according to regulations, a crash cart must be available on-site wherever ketamine is administered. Spa settings or IV therapy centers do not carry crash carts and are not medically equipped to provide ketamine therapy. On the other end of things, a busy and noisy hospital environment with several patients getting treatment in a large room separated by curtains is not private and too overstimulating for a relaxing experience.

For Bipolar Depression:

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