Bringing professional detoxification services right to your doorstep.

Our physician-led programs provide the utmost comfort, professionalism, and confidentiality to facilitate a safe and efficient rehabilitation process. By effectively reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol and opioid addiction, we empower patients to regain control over their lives.

Who is seeking services?
  • Yourself
  • Family/Friend/Other
Which services are you Interested in?
  • In-Home Detox
  • Sober Companionship
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Psychotherapy Sessions
  • Case Management
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Interventions
  • Vitamin IV Therapy
  • NAD IV Therapy
  • Concierge Medical Services

What Can We Help You With?

Medication Management:
At VIP DETOX MD, we empower patients to manage their substance abuse, stay committed to their treatment, and prevent relapse. Through careful medication administration and oversight, we substantially enhance our patients’ quality of life, helping them achieve their healthcare objectives. Our aftercare program offers personalized weekly consultations with a medical professional or case manager, ensuring continued support and referrals to our trusted partners. Together, we will guide you toward your path to recovery.

VIP DETOX MD offers in-home cocaine detox and addiction treatment, seamlessly delivering the quality and services of a traditional rehab clinic directly to our patient’s homes. Our concierge cocaine detox programs are tailored to individual needs, guaranteeing the highest level of personalized care.

In-home cocaine addiction rehabilitation is an innovative solution for today’s busy lifestyles.

  • Personalized Attention
  • Convenient and Private
  • Comprehensive, Quality Care

We understand the challenges faced by those suffering from substance abuse disorder. We’re ready to answer your questions and help you begin your journey – contact us today!