Providing compassionate care, support, and guidance on your path to recovery.

Our concierge medical professionals help patients through withdrawal symptoms, reducing discomfort and minimizing the chance of relapsing. We use prescription medications and/or intravenous therapy to make the detox process as safe as possible when appropriate. We offer physician-guided anti-craving medications and maintenance therapy when appropriate. These treatments can include naltrexone (Vivitrol) or Sublocade monthly injections to reduce the risks of relapse.

Our board-certified physician has over a decade of experience treating hundreds of patients as well as serving as medical director for a prominent detox facility for 8 years. We have been called to treat many celebrities- for substance use disorders – who did not prefer or could not be treated in a conventional setting. This experience motivated the calling to develop a team of professionals to provide addiction services outside of the conventional detox settings.

Our Mission Statement

At VIP DETOX MD, our mission is to provide compassionate, evidence-based detoxification and recovery services, empowering individuals to overcome substance abuse and achieve lasting wellness. We are dedicated to delivering personalized care that respects the dignity and diversity of every person we serve while fostering a supportive community that inspires hope, healing, and transformation.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a beacon of hope and excellence in the field of detoxification and recovery, setting the standard for comprehensive, client-centered care. We aspire to create a world where addiction is met with understanding, resources, and effective treatment and where individuals in recovery can flourish, reintegrate into society, and build fulfilling lives. We aim to continue expanding our reach, influence, and impact to help more people find their path to lasting recovery and well-being.

We understand the challenges faced by those suffering from substance abuse disorder. We’re ready to answer your questions and help you begin your journey – contact us today!